The Last Longer In Bed Squeeze Technique – How To Do It

Here were going to talk about the last longer in bed squeeze technique. How to perform it along with the pros and cons of using it.

First of all what is it and what will it do for you?

This is a manual sex strategy to use in order to physically stop ejaculation. Just as the name implies it involves using a firm, yet not overly so!, grip as follows:

Using your thumb on the top and your index and middle fingers on the bottom, grasp your penis to ‘clamp’ down on your ‘plumbing’ so to speak. You will have to experiment what works best for you. Some men need to target the very tip, some right below the head, and some at the base of the shaft in order for this to work. You can also experiment with various finger grips and strengths in order to get the process down right.

The timing is important, and again, you will have to experiment with this as well. You can implement this in one of two ways.

1- To calm your arousal rate before you get to an actual orgasm. This can be more effective, if need be, if you use an extra firm grip bordering on a bit of pain, to nullify the sexual excitement.

2- To literally block your ejaculation after you have passed your point of no return.

So you have to be very aware of your arousal rate, which is absolutely crucial in general if you want to learn how to last longer in bed. You have to be tuned into the different (You didn’t know there was a difference? Man your in the right place!) between various phases of ejaculation too.

1- The emission phase: This is where semen starts to move from the seminal vesicles and into the base of the penis. In other words your ‘gun is now cocked’

2- Bladder neck closer: This simply means your plumbing does an amazing switcharoo so that you don’t get urine and semen mixed up

3- The expulsion phase ie your gun shoots!

For our purposes we need to find our special point here, which can be highly individual with the exact timing, but generally the same from man to man. We need to apply the squeeze technique right before the emission phase. This way the ducts are physically blocked during the expulsion phase therefor blocking our ejaculation.

Again, this method can be used earlier than that to diffuse your arousal rate and delay ejaculation in the first place.

But, using it in conjunction with your orgasm can have a few different results. These results will depend on if you timed it right, if you used the right grip on the right spot, and your personal physiology.

You could have what’s called a retrograde ejaculation which basically means instead on squirting out, your semen squirts in and mixes in the bladder. This is harmless and you will urinate it out the next time that you go to the bathroom. While this is a step in the right direction for our purposes, it’s not what we would call a sucess as you more than likely will lose your erection and enter into a refractory period where you cannot have sex for a period of time.

You could have a partial ejaculation. This is a big step in the right direction, but not quite there. If this occurs, you most likely simply need to adjust your grip and/or your timing. (hey it’s not like its unpleasant experimentation so keep at it! :) You may or may not lose your erection. Although in all probability, you will either lose it completely or at least lose it partially. The latter being much easier to bounce back from and continue sexual activity, the former bouncing you right into a refractory period where you can’t have sex for a period of time.

Ideally you want a non-ejaculatory orgasm where no semen comes out and you do not lose your erection. When you can achieve this, you can have a full, satisfying orgasm without entering the refractory period. In other words, you can cum and just keep on having sex with no down time. This is good as it means we can keep on going to satisfy our partner with her orgasm as well if she has not had one yet. (And if your reading this blog I imagine she hasn’t)

So there are some good points about this whole technique, but there are some major cons:

Most guys find it hard, if not impossible, to get the timing and/or grip down to make this work.

It can be quite awkward to perform during sex, especially if it’s the first time your sleeping together

Worst of all, women need continuous stimulation in order to achieve orgasm. When you break the sexual flow to stop and squeeze your meat every so often, your in essence making it impossible for her to cum.

So while it can be a handy tool if you can get it to work, consider this method in the catagory of ‘sexual training wheels’. It’s not a long term viable strategy in your quest to be a sex god.

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